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Nicoleta Munteanu Avra - white logo on a blurred image with pink roses

Avra Cosmetics

A natural and organic cosmetic brand that combines the power of herbs with the luxury of skincare.

My mission was to reflect the brand’s uniqueness and elegant attitude into their branding. After creating the logo, typography, and other elements such as patterns, the end result was a cohesive and impactful branding that effectively conveyed the special benefits of the herbal cosmetic cream and appealed to the target audience.


Identity & Branding, Packaging, Print


Avra Cosmetics



Nicoleta Munteanu Avra -  Avra symbol withe a green leaf background inside
Nicoleta Munteanu Avra -  logo variations
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Nicoleta Munteanu Avra - a collage
Nicoleta Munteanu Avra - a personalized poster on a wall
Nicoleta Munteanu Avra - logo on a grey simple background
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