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Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - logo over a lab close up image
Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - a drop shape with typo over a woman face and a rose

Ros3 SkinCare

Designing a natural rose cream branding, can be an exciting and challenging creative process. When I first started working on this project, I knew I wanted to create something different from the competitors. In doing so, I created a logo with an elegant typography and a little twist. The letter "e" was replaced by figure "3", because its 3 special ingredients: damask rose water, allantoin and hyaluronic acid.
For the packaging, the logo was nicely complemented by a simple and clean design that makes women stop and take notice.


Branding, Packaging, Print


Avra Cosmetics



Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - packages on a simple grey background
Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - toner info layout
Woman Applying Cream
Cream Smear
Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - summer skincare personalized  kit on a simple grey background with a personalized pattren bag on the bottom
Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - collage of full range of cream
Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - collage of 3 photos with the logo overlay
Nicoleta Munteanu Ros3 - face cream package
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