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Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - white logo on bllured background

Kabo Restaurant

Kabo is a modern restaurant with a Mediterranean specialty. The logo and the visual identity are inspired by the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the region, giving the brand a sense of richness and  sophistication. The logo itself is simple yet elegant, featuring a stylized letter "K" with the name of the restaurant written in bold, modern font beneath it. The branding uses a color scheme of deep blues and warm golden tones to evoke the feeling of the Mediterranean sea and landscape. The marketing materials also incorporates imagery of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and artisanal cooking techniques, emphasizing the commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients in all of the dishes.

The overall effect of the logo and branding is one of modern elegance and Mediterranean warmth, inviting diners to experience a unique culinary journey.


Identity & Branding, Print, Support Items for Events


Kabo Restaurant



Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - symbol K with a food image inside
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - logo variations
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - collage with restaurant images
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - personalized wine bottle
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - collage
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - poster frames
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - collage
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - official opening kit
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - personalized Coaster on a grey background
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - Personalized White-Paper-Bag
Nicoleta Munteanu Kabo - white logo over a image with elegant leafs
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