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Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate - logo over close-up-dark-chocolate-bar-covered-chocolate-powder

Nokolate Chocolate

Nokolate is a artisanal dark chocolate, deliciously creamy, that is sure to make a lasting impression. 

The logo features a playful and whimsical font, yet simple and elegant. The branding incorporates a bright and cheerful color scheme, with bold shades of pink, orange, and yellow, as well as pops of contrasting green and blue. This creates a visually stunning and eye-catching look that truly stands out on shelves and online. The overall aesthetic of the branding is both fun and sophisticated, perfectly capturing the unique nature of the artisanal raw chocolate products. 


Identity & Branding, Packaging, Print


Nokolate Chocolate



Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate -blue cacao stamp
Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate - 1 personalized chocolate bar  with a white  Nokolate logo in the back on a orange simple background
Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate - a collage of chocolate images
Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate - 5 personalized chocolate bars with text and logo on colourful backgrounds Giff
Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate - 2 chocolate bars on a grey table
Nicoleta Munteanu Nokolate - logo with different coloured backgrounds
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