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Gibonis Ice Cream Logo with a girl in the background having an ice cream and colourful illustrations around it

Gibonis Ice Cream

Introducing a brand new ice cream line, Gibonis! The challenge was to create a bold and vibrant packaging that can transport you to a world of exotic flavors and endless fun. The colourful logo, which features a cheeky monkey in the center, embodies the fun and playful nature of the brand. This playful character is a representation of the excitement that comes with trying the delicious treat and also the experience for your senses. The packaging is a visual feast, adorned with lively colors and illustrations of the exotic ingredients that make up each flavor. 


Visual Identity, Packaging, Print & Outdoor Campaigns, Environmental Branding


Gibonis Ice Cream



Gibonis Ice Cream Outdoor Stand Banner with tables and chairs in the background
Gibonis Ice Cream Outdoor Hanging Banner
blueberry ilustration
Gibonis Ice Cream - logo variations
Gibonis Ice Cream - 3 ice cream packages on 3 different backgrounds
Gibonis Ice Cream - 3 ice cream packages on 3 different backgrounds - Giff
Nicoleta Munteanu Gibonis - 2 Gibonis holiday ice cream flavours, apple and white coffee
Nicoleta Munteanu Gibonis - close up of an Gibonis ice cream cup on a dark background
Nicoleta Munteanu Gibonis - Personalized Hanging Wall Sign and Piaggio Ape Ice cream truck
Nicoleta Munteanu Gibonis - Environmental Branding
Nicoleta Munteanu Gibonis - White logo over an image with 3 ice creams on a turquoise background
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